AT Series C Electric Boiler

AT Series C

Save Money, Save Space, Save the Environment!

The AT Series C is a 100% efficient, compact wall hung boiler with an advanced microprocessor control and load managing controller. It is ideal for radiant systems, applications requiring special temperature settings and for use as a back-up heat source for solar applications. The Argo AT Series C has a proven one piece cast iron heat exchanger backed by a 20 year limited warranty.


Key Features:

• An Advanced Microprocessor Control

- Elements energize individually, with additional elements energizing as needed to meet demand, thus reducing electrical costs. The start-up element is rotated (similar to your car’s spark plugs) so run time is balanced across all elements for longevity.

• No Short-Cycling

- The Argo “AT” Series C utilizes a sensor connected to a probe in an immersion well to determine demand. This configuration transmits water temperature back to the control board allowing the unit to efficiently maintain steady, even heat using only the elements needed to meet demand. This eliminates the cost and inconvenience of short cycling.

• An Advanced Load Managing Controller

- Gives you the option to allow your utility or electric coop to remotely control the boiler, reducing peak demands.

Standard Features:

• Diagnostic indicator lights

• LED display with 3 button user interface and error code messaging with audible alarm

• Element staging with rotation

• Dual set points for high/low temperature operation

• Dry fire protection on initial startup

• Terminal connections for adding a flow sensor and low water cutoff

• Load management terminal connection

• Circulator pump terminal with pump exercising

• Three wire thermostat connection and anti-short cycle timer

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